Who I Am


South African artist, graphic designer and photographer with corporate, agency and freelance experience with specialities in branding, corporate identities, design, prepress and digital art.

My free moments are spent capturing everyday objects appearing as something else or creating surreal and conceptual themed artworks that redefine reality and stretch the limits of the imagination in which I create evocative, dream-like images exploring literal interpretations of common language expressions or emotions. Creating these images lets me explore the human predicament through my own experiences by depicting the varied range of emotions people have, the language used to describe them and how we interact with the world around us based on these emotions, hopefully bringing self-awareness and understanding of others.

Personal artworks that I’ve produced have appeared in website and magazine features, television series and a gallery exhibition in New York City.

As a graphic designer, I’m experienced with concept, design, prepress and printing in advertising, publishing and packaging (including retail and collateral media) and web development.

Thank you for visiting. I hope that you enjoy my art and your comments and questions are most welcome.