The space we as humans occupy, nature and civilisation in conflict within each and every one of us as the ideal modern life we live verse the natural wonder of the world from where we have come from and still strive to spend our time.

If there is a human space we live in, most of us see it as the modern civilisation which in turn suggests that humans are not a part of nature. This conundrum then dictates everything – not only how humans might abuse, control or master nature but thwart one’s attempts to help, heal, or save nature and ourselves.

How then should one envision humanity’s place in the natural world? I’m not sure, but it surely starts with the simple premise that humanity is capable of some awe inspiring wonders and equally horrific crimes against each other in the world we live in.

Stock credits

Swamp landscape from *AustriaAngloAlliance. Building (No longer available). All other stock is from my own personal resources or otherwise created by myself.