What is death but an accumulation of knowledge put to rest. Most knowledge is written down but is still in the mind hence a library inside a person. On one hand it is the end for that person but on the other ever lasting life through the written words.

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Model from xstockx (link no longer available. Book shelves and ladder from bit.ly/183uPnN. Books from fav.me/dy1r8d, fav.me/dbjrdp, fav.me/d24djvq, fav.me/d2xq9yc, fav.me/d5lvsvh, fav.me/d28lb02, bit.ly/1asBRXy & fav.me/d5hrxy. Bokeh from fav.me/d1xps68 & fav.me/d2gb3hm. All other stock is from my own personal resources or otherwise created by myself.